SPARK Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

At Nancledra School, we deliver a curriculum which develops all to become lifelong learners. Through our curriculum, we support all our children to be well-prepared for life in 21st century society by enabling them to have the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values which will ultimately allow them to thrive.

This will be achieved through our SPARK curriculum which aims to develop an irrepressible sense of curiosity; a strong sense of place and belonging; knowledge and skills; and ultimately ignites a thirst to know more








The brain privileges stories, which is why our curriculum is bursting with narratives, both through our reading curriculum but also within our writing and wider curriculum offer. What better way to understand about the famous artists who have brought joy and wonder to so many or to find out about scientists who have changed to world for the better. Please click HERE to find out more about our reading curriculum.


In order to form our own opinions and thoughts we need to know the very best that has already been said and thought - both in the here and now, and in the distant past. We ensure that children meet a diverse and inspiring collection of people to bring the realities of our curriculum alive, from meeting Helen Kellar when learning about the senses, to listening to Stevie Wonder in assembly; from considering Boudicca's attributes to critiquing and learning from the local sculpture Barbara Hepworth we ensure our children are inspired from every corner of the world. 


We treasure childhood and believe all childhood's should be full of adventures - not least because adventures are fun but also because we believe they build resilience; are the perfect platform for discovering new skills and providing even more curious questions; allow friendships and memories to be made. Through every year group, opportunities to visit new places, use new technology and thrive in our Wild Passport Forest School programme are well-planned and prioritised.


Underpinning all that our curriculum has to offer; all of our high-expectations; and all of our academic success are strong, meaningful relationships. Our children are guided through new and exciting pastures with compassion, expertise and passion; their horizons will exponentially grow, allowing them to achieve more than they think they are capable of.


Powerful knowledge provides the platform all children need to not only achieve their dreams, but, most importantly, to create their dreams in the first place: we need to know 'stuff' to be able think and wonder. We preserve the integrity of all subjects to ensure children understand the features of each subject. There is both individual subject coherence and purposeful cross-curricular connections to make each moment count so that children acquire the knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need to become well-educated citizens of the future.

On leaving Nancledra, we will have ignited a 'SPARK' in all our children to be life-long learners, nurturing not only the will to know more and be able to do more, but also the ability to positively influence one’s own life and the world around them.

SPARK Curriculum Implementation

Please open the documents below to see each class's SPARK curriculum for 2023-24.

Click to Download 23 24 C4 SPARK Rolling Programme WEBSITE FINAL COPY [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
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