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School Staff

Our staff are committed to caring for and keeping children safe at school. Staff are also dedicated to providing deep and challenging learning opportunities for all of our pupils. 

Most of our staff have a range of responsibilities which reflect these commitments. We are grateful for all of the additional tasks and duties that staff carry out which enable our school to run smoothly and effectively. 

Mr Rick Gill

Headteacher, Safeguarding Lead, Maths Lead, Assessment Lead, (TPAT Hub Executive Lead)

Mrs Alison Ashby

Deputy Headteacher (Class 1), Deputy Safeguarding Lead, EYFS Lead, SENDCO

Mrs Tracy Watkinson

School Secretary and Finance Manager.

Ms Louise Williams

Senior Teacher (Class 4), Specialist Leader of Education, English Lead (TPAT English Lead)

Miss Melanie Slater

Teacher (Class 2), KS1 Lead, PE Lead, Healthy School Lead

Mr Chris Parker

Teacher (Class 3). Science Lead, Education Visits Coordinator

Mrs Georgia Barker

Teacher (Class 2), Art Lead

Ms Lucy Ainsley

Teacher, Music Lead

Mrs Julie Goldsmith

Higher Level Teaching Assistant, (Class 1) TIS Practitioner

Mrs Vicki Friggens

Higher Level Teaching Assistant, (Class 3) TIS Practitioner, SEN Support, Dylsexia Champion, Autism Champion

Mrs Fiona McLeod

Teaching Assistant (Class 4), Admin Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor.

Mrs Hayley Stevens

Teaching Assistant (Class 4, Class 3, Class 1)), Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Gemma Tredwin

Teaching Assistant (Class 2), Lunctime Supervisor

Ms Cat Stoupe

Teaching Assisstant (Class1, Class 3) , Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Donna Sear

Teaching Assistant (Class 2), Lunchtime Supervisor.

Mrs Julia Hodder

Teaching Assistant (Class 1), Lunchtime Supervisor.

Mrs Kate Shepherd

Teaching Assistant (Class 1), Lunchtime Supervisor.

Mrs Diane Simons

Lunchtime Server

Mrs Rebecca Harvey

Site Supervisor, Cleaner

Mrs Helen Carver

Forest School Lead, Gardener