The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils: develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities are physically active for sustained periods of time engage in competitive sports and activities lead healthy, active lives.

Nancledra School PE Principles



At Nancledra School, we provide a high-quality, inclusive physical education curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed in and enjoy sport and other physical activities. We focus on developing learner's fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination, and aim for children to become physically confident in a way which supports their health, fitness and well-being. Opportunities are provided for children to compete which embed fairness and respect.


At Nancledra School we intend that children will;

  • develop competence and enjoyment in a broad range of physical activities
  • develop their fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and coordination
  • be physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active and happy lives




We are fortunate enough to have extensive outdoor space, a play trail, a hall and a recreation field to keep all children physically active. There is also a wide variety of equipment for different sports that can be used during lessons, playtime, lunchtime and after school.


We work in conjunction with professional and local clubs to supplement the expertise that our staff have. This includes Charlotte Richards & Grace Murdoch- dance teachers, Penzance Swimming Pool swimming instructors, Cornish Pirates, Penzance Gym Club, St Ives Tennis Club, Truro Fencing Club, Cornwall Outdoors, YHA Okehampton, Camp Kernow


KS1 = 2 hours a week 'REAL PE' lesson

To develop fundamental skills in agility, balance and coordination. Units: personal, social, cognitive, physical, health & fitness and creative


KS2 = 2 hours a week - 1 hour of REAL PE plus 1 x 'Sport' lesson

To focus on skill application and games situations.

Units include : net & wall games, invasion games, striking and fielding games, athletics, with a run-up to Sport’s Day, swimming, gymnastics, dance.


At Nancledra school, we build upon the statutory two hours PE time by providing opportunities to extend the time children are physically active. We take part in wake and shake, run a mile, active play times and after school sports clubs. We provide adventurous and outdoor activities both onsite and offsite as residentials in KS2.

In addition to this, opportunities are provided for children to take part in festivals and competitions with other schools in a variety of sports and participate in sports day in the summer term.





Our curriculum prepares learners for a healthy, active and happy life.



Teachers carry out ongoing formative observational assessments in P.E lessons to assess pupil’s development of knowledge and skills- increase of physical literacy. Teachers also undertake summative assessments at two points in the academic year to assess pupils progress using the Creative Development assessment wheel tool. Assessments are carried in the areas of:

  • Swimming and water safety
  • Applying physical skills
  • Creative movement
  • Health and fitness understanding
  • Fundamental skills: Agility, balance and coordination
  • Social skills (e.g turn taking, teamwork and leadership)
  • Personal skills & cultural development (e.g following instructions, resilience, reflection).
  • Competence to excel.
  • Referring to CD assessment Wheel (comparing wheels) progress has been made by all PP & SEND children as they move through the school.


At SMT meetings, we regularly discuss the efficiency of teaching & measure the impact of our PE programme in 3 ways:

Whole-school – participation, fitness, enjoyment, progress of the individual, cohort and school

Targeted – impact of interventions, including fun-fit and bespoke interventions as and when appropriate

Wider – any structural barriers to progress of individuals, cohorts and the whole school including the impact of COVID.

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